New Venue Offer 2017

Welcome to Question One, the original and the best pub quiz company in London!

This spring we have a fantastic offer for venues looking to start a new weekly quiz. Our two month trial includes the following incentives valued at over £400:

  • Free onsite consultation with a Question One team member
  • Professionally trained Quizmaster and all quizzing materials
  • Two free quizzes in the first 8 weeks
  • £50 towards the establishment of a weekly, rolling jackpot
  • Free wireless microphone or single PA kit
  • Free bespoke POS poster and flyer pack
  • Free leafleting service at local transport points (subject to council regulations)
  • Free social media advertisements to promote the launch of the quiz

Question One has been quizzing since 2003 and we host over 5000 quizzes per year for pubs, clubs, corporate and fundraising events. We provide trained, professional Quizmasters and an entertaining quiz format, supported by our dedicated customer service and marketing team, our state of the art technology and unrivalled breadth of knowledge and experience. We work with you to ensure that your quiz night is successful, entertaining and most importantly, attracts more customers!

We provide a range of complimentary services to promote your quiz, including:

  • Weekly Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts of quiz reminders, question clues, personalised content, photos and quiz blogs - all you need to do is share and repost!
  • Advertising on our online quiz-finder, as well as local event listings and some third party quiz sites.
  • Regular contact with your team to help you maintain the best attendances.
  • Updated creative rounds and jackpot games to keep the quiz fresh and enticing.

We’re always happy to answer any questions, so please call 020 3318 7666 or e-mail to arrange a free, no obligation visit from an experienced member of our team. We look forward to meeting you!

Terms and conditions of the offer:

  1. You commit to a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks of quizzing. The cost of the lowest priced quiz will be deducted from the invoice between the 1st and 4th consecutive week & 5th and 8th consecutive week.
  2. You are at liberty to cancel the service after 8 consecutive weeks with no penalty if the quiz has not averaged more than 20 players during its currency.
  3. If you wish to cancel after 8 consecutive weeks and the quiz has averaged more than 20 players during its currency, in order that we can recoup costs incurred you must give 4 weeks notice of cancellation, or pay 4 weeks at the average cost of the preceding quizzes.
  4. The quiz set up pack includes loan of a microphone kit if necessary, printed posters and flyers, paid for advertising on social media (for launch) and some industry websites, staff time for leafleting and promotions, and a contribution of £25 toward a jackpot prize which is deducted from the 1st invoice..
  5. A cancellation fee applies to quizzes cancelled within 24 hours of the start time. Cancellations must be confirmed by email to In the case of a 'special event' booked by the venue where the quiz falls on a public holiday with a pre-determined fee, 100% of that fee will be payable for cancellations within 24 hours and 50% of the fee payable for cancellations within 72 hours.
  6. Our standard Service Level Agreement and Terms & Conditions take effect after the 8 consecutive quizzes.
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