Ellie W
Sunday Aug 18 @ 8 pm

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz Aug 27th!

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed Quiz is happening on Thurs Aug 27th - BOOK NOW TO AVOID MISSING OUT! Will you be joining us? Spread the word! For the Sunday Quiz, meanwhile, we have a £140.00 tab up for grabs next week. Congrats to our winners 'The Pleasant Pheasant Pluckers' for the £50 bar tab win on the tie breaker question tonight:

Jonathon M
Sunday Aug 18 @ 8 pm

Team "Lee Miserables" with a Narrow Victory!

Another fab night at the Railway in Blackheath as we had some new teams, some veteran teams, and a few teams with a mix of both! We navigated our way through song lyrics, film titles, and a few cryptic board games before finishing with Team "Lee Miserables" on top, earning their victory by just one point, narrowly beating newbie "A Little Hope" who came in second. Our jackpot question went to Callum from Team "Parthenope FC", but with a 1 in 10 chance he drew the Ace, meaning the Joker is still lying in wait. That...

Meghan G
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Great turnout!

Was a great vibe tonight with 10 teams all round the pub taking part and the staff were super welcoming offering me drinks (lucky me) and Yorkshire puddings ! The paper aeroplane flying game was super intense with the 1st and 2nd teams having to go 3 times as they kept drawing ! The winner got a great score of 38 and the 2nd to last were very happy with there bottle of winé ! Would love to come again :)

Tyrone A
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Ashes Lovers Undone By Profane Team Name In Waterloo

The team of We're Stumped brazenly stated from the outset that they were unashamed England cricket fans and, unlike their favoured team, were on a quest for victory tonight and, not unlike England, they were close but not close enough as they were pipped by South London quiz veterans Drawing of a C**k by just the one point. The win and the £30 bar spend first prize went to Drawing on this occasion but who will win it next time? I'm thinking it might be you! Come along next and EVERY Sunday for 7:30 and put...

Marnie N
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

More than Merrier

Good fun to be had tonight as the rain closed the doors and the nights are drawing in. There were plenty of dogs in the bar to enjoy the treats and the brains were out in force. Newbies didn’t win the the most amount (there are no losers at The Duke) and Hoopie Scootie took part in their first ever quiz. PB Refugees were round one top scorers but Quiz on my Face stormed back to take the cash!

Daniel C
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

So close to double winning night for Spanish WinQuizMission

Regular team Spanish WinQuizMission came so close to doing the double tonight, they scored an impressive 41 points to top the table and win our £50 bar tab and also got to enter our play your cards right jackpot round, it was a good start being shown a 10, 9 then an 8 and chose to go higher but sadly they were shown a 4- but of course with no winner tonight next weeks jack pot will be £300 in cash. We needed a tie breaker to decide our second to last prize as 2 teams...

Victoria S
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Return of The Spoons

A washout of a Sunday night will not stop us Garden Shedders from having a whale of a time at the quiz. We delighted in the cryptic boardgames (a new one for us), the song lyrics, and the TV show credits, but in the end only one team can take that £50 bar tab home, and that was the triumphant 'Wooden Spoons'! Let's see if they can make it a double next week. Join us and knock them off the top spot!

Nigel B
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Hat trick for Akabusi.

Here we go again chaps. Ramping it up for another night of quizology. Another good turnout with some old faces on board here to knock the champions off their pedestal. Unfortunately for them the champs were in fine form and stormed to victory by a couple of points. No PYCR WINNER tonight so £50 rolls over to next week. See ya next week chaps.

Ashiana P
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Ovally Gifted Sunday Sessioners

Some fabulous team names at the Pilgrim this week - especially one by the player who gave me his number via his team name (very flattering, thanks)! I worry for Nadine and her coil but also very pleased that a team came all the way from Chester to take part! Also very flattering. The wonderful Desperate and Broke snapped up the first prize of a £50 bar spend and swiftly spent it all post-quiz, while two teams battled it out for the wine in a heated tie-breaker! What a lovely bunch you all are, and I...

Matthew K
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

The sexes battle it out, as the Neighbours move in!

An enthralling quiz went down at the Signal on Sunday night, as Forest Hills greatest minds battled it out for free alcohol and glory. With 4 teams tied for second place at the interval, it was all to play for. But the notoriously challenging second half separated all of the teams, with the Neighbours just inching ahead by 1 point at the finish. 'Four fingered kit kats' got their paws on the consulatory prize as the 'Any Holes a Goal' and 'Balegdeh Battlelords' battled to prove the quizziest gender, only to be separated by one point...

Jimmy Donny C
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Tie break excitement down the POW

Sometimes words can’t describe the exciting of a pub quiz. On this occasion however, they can. With 12 noisy teams battling it out over two hours of exciting quiz based fun, we got the the final scores with a whopping 4 teams on 33 so we went went down to a tiebreak. How many seats are in Wimbledon’s centre court? Leigh’s Ladies came closest with 12,000 and therefore won the prize of the day. Same time next week? Go on then x

Peter C
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

The Phoenix Five Rises To Victory

A fun crowd took up the challenge on Sunday evening. Veteran team The Phoenix Five faced competition from some new comers determined to take their crown..... At half time very little stood between the teams..... and The Phoenix were leading by only two points from both T&P and Queen Equizabeth 1st.... At the end Queen Equizabeth 2nd took home the wine and played for the Jackpot.... but fell two cards short. The Phoenix Five held onto their crown and look forward to spending the £50 prize. The Jackpot will be a big attraction next week as...

Ashleigh H
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Rock, paper, scissors

Tonight was SO CLOSE! Like, nail-bitingly close. Two games of Rock, Paper, Scissors close. We needed one game for the second to last prize. And another game for the first prize of £82. So, yes. Close. And not an easy quiz either. The EU had most people stumped tonight. A few Canadians cursed cricket. The Booker Prize felt like fiction. And board games got people a little freaked out. No matter. People did well. It was a case of practice makes perfect, because a few of these peeps tonight are regulars. So they're exercising that quizz...

Andrew P
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Well, It's a Marvellous Night For A Winners Dance With Van Morrison'!

It never rains, it pours! What started off as a pleasant evening turned into torrential rain but have no fear, our many teams had already flooded into the Hollybush to take part in our famous Quiz! It was almost as if our teams were 'Robin' the points, guessing that the our feathered friend in the picture was the bird of the same name! If there was anything fishy going on, it was only in the bloody Mary's with a few clever teams guessing it was the fermented fish in Worcester sauce that made up the popular...

Monica N
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Clem Atlee Court Crew's Labour is not Wasted!

Last night's quiz at the Crown Tavern saw two veteran teams pitted against a team of new bugs with the usual highly diverse range of topics from cartoons to cricket. Our creative round had our teams playing the roles of casting directors on the upcoming blockbuster 'Brexit: The Movie', with Sub and Super winning with their darkly comic entry. And it was the new team Clem Atlee Court Crew who took the first prize, winning by one point in a very close finish.

Joseph T
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

The Jam Tree is Getting Replanted

Tonight was the penultimate quiz of the Jam Tree as we know it. In 2 weeks time it will close its doors for a full rebrand and refurb, very exciting times. That also.means that all the jackpot cash must go, so we're handing £50 in cash for the last 2 weeks! Come down to get rich

Phoebe E
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Tie-breaking high scores!

Some very impressive scores at the weekly quiz at the Cherry Tree this week, with the top two teams both scoring 39/46! Freckly Bangers managed to steal the title after a tie-breaking question making them the ones to beat next week! The rollover jackpot was very nearly won, with Bruce quizteam making it to the final two cards before being beaten by a high ace - better luck next time! But of course, that means that the cash jackpot rolls over and is even higher next week so why not come along and try your luck...

Harry D
Sunday Aug 18 @ 7 pm

Who needs Grease Lightning? Lightning Fast crashed the vault open to secure the jackpot and ceased the tab

What a night it has been for everyone, a new host, a set of 2 teams battling out to crack the £50 jackpot and £50 bar tab tonight at the Islington Town House in Angel. Shake my head if i'm dreaming pigs flying in the mid sky. but usually it should be that relitively slow and steady usually win the race but you would think. They might know their politics of Boris beating ken livingstone in elections and knowing their favourite children's disney and Matt Groening characters. However it's the lightning bolts shooting out fast and...

Peter C
Thursday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

The Hoes under the Hammer do it again

A packed house, big on banter and even bigger on competitiveness filled The Depot on Thursday. At have time 6 teams were within 3 points of each other.... and the second half was on ! Knowing your Minnie the Minx from your Beryl the Peril helped as did knowing that Superman first appeared in 1938 ! But at the end The Hoes under the Hammer took the prize once again, but only 2 points above their closest competitors Bailey's Bitches. Les Quizerables not only took home the wine but also got to play for the Jackpot......

Jonathon M
Thursday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

"Salmon Cannon" Shoots to the Top

Gather round, my trivia children. Come close. Come over to the side of the bar where you can hear me. Yes, I know some of the speakers aren't working. We'll manage. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin. Quite a nice turnout, I see. Oh, and some new faces too. Well, aren't you in for a treat. First half done and dusted, and it's "Salmon Cannon" ahead by one point. But last place is only three points behind first place! Such drama! Second half is a bit trickier, isn't it? More points up for grabs, though....

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