Luke T
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Another belting Wednesday quiz on Putney High Street

Another belting Wednesday quiz on Putney High Street - lots of fun all around. 22 teams thought they had what it takes to nab the prizes, top 10 places listed here. All too often in this blog, I focus on what happened during the quiz. Let's spare a minute to think about the winners... Wednesday morning: Wake up, life is normal. Eat some breakfast, go to work, spend lunch break Learning Everything in preparation for the evening. Wednesday evening: Quiz Quiz Quiz and... VICTORY! Thursday morning: wake up to a sea of press outside the front...

Graham E
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Lorries Keep On Rollin'!

'Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry' made it two on the trot as they scored yet another victory bringing their total to five in 2019, a remarkable 100% of the quizzes they've attended. Quizzing couple 'Quiz Ya Later' picked up the wine for second-to-last after a tiebreak, while 'You're a Quizzard Harry' just missed out on the cash jackpot, collecting a delicious packet of crisps instead!

Nigel B
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Big quiz energy go big !!!

Howdy, folks! Just another full house here at the Cutty. What more could I ask for? It took a little time to warm them up but once in full, swing everything was sweet! There was no catching 'Big quiz energy' tonight who were just awesome and closely followed by the goons and 'quiz ackabusi' who needed a tiebreaker to decide the runners up spot. Prestige worldwide 'Globall Inc' incredibly won the bottle of wine for second to last place. Great night, chaps!

Charles C
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

I can feeling it quizzing in the air tonight, oh Lord

If you could capture the energy from the uproar following the revelation that the 'early-photo-of-a-celebrity' picture was Phil Collins, not Vladimir Putin, you could power the whole of the UK for a year. The intensity continued, though, as we learned that: yellow flowers signify friendship; Katy Perry's real name is Katheryn Hudson, and, 75% of the world's alcohol consumption is beer. "Beer For The Migraine" just missed the wine but earned the Smarties and strong recognition for their knowledge of moons and their score on a points-per-person basis. The wine went to "The Quizzly Bears", returning...

Cat B
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

"Barflies" win again!

Exciting quiz tonight! One team came along with a light-up magnifying glass, impressively prepared for the atmospheric lighting in Grove Park this fine Wednesday evening! With a slight marking mishap, Plan B thought they had claimed back their victory from the week before, however after some recounting it was discovered that "The Barflies" had once again come out on top! Looking forward to next week at The Baring Hall Hotel.

Graeme W
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Tabasco’s Hot Streak Continues

'The Tabasco Fiasco' continued their rich vein of form at The Hare and Billet this evening with another victory, despite a superb latter-half surge from their nearest challengers. TTF took home the £50 bar tab first prize by posting an excellent 37 points, two ahead of 'I Can’t Believe It’s Not Putin', who only dropped a couple of points in an astounding second-half to end up on 35. An honourable mention must also go to 'Not Here', who manage to salvage 32 points in the end, despite only clocking up 10 points in the first half....

Liam E
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm


Sometimes you can just tell when a team walks through the door that they are in with a good chance of winning. They ooze an aura of knowledge and I've got to say I felt that from our winners this evening who eventually walked away with £50 bar tab, winning by 2.5 points, so well done to 'Michael Jackson Unused Jacuzzi Towels'! P.S.: The jackpot keeps on building!

Rosie D
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

That can’t be right

A strange turn of events tonight when a team realised their points had been miscalculated, which thank goodness for that because it landed them first place! Not only this but they won the closer to question as well placing them in position to win the jackpot.. but once again the pot rolls on! See you next week!

Anne W
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Hat Trick for Eddie Quizzard!!

So the third week in a row 'Eddie Quizzard' take the win!! I challenge anyone to knock them off the leader spot! My very first winners, 'CALU' took the Jackpot of £214 tonight :D and 'She and Tee' walked away with a mini keg on their date night, after 49 years of marriage!!! It was an exciting night all round! Hopefully, we’ll see two new teams next week that wanted to play but couldn’t because of time constraints.... so next week is looking like a fun week. Come and join at the top of the high...

Victoria S
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Ron's Dons Reign

A full house tonight at The Nightingale with 15 quiz worthy teams with their eyes on the 1st prize. We had a little toilet trouble with one of the questions, but found some relief thanks to MC Hammer, and an almost appearance by The Cookie Monster! It was a close call, but in the end 'Last Orders' had to settle for 2nd place, while 'Ron's Dons' came back strong after being M.I.A. last week, winning their 7th 1st place prize. The evening culminated in a Gone With the Wind frenzy for the Jackpot, where 'Universally Challenged'...

Howard S
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

'Richard Of York'

Went a quizzing and won! In a busy, little quiz there was, as can be seen, one clear winner BUT they didn't win the Jackpot! No that was the honour of 'We Are Souls Of Chiswick' who got the Jackpot question right and played for and won £60! Not bad for a Tuesday night right?

Marnie N
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The Will of The People

Wow. It was packed to the rafters at The Bull tonight! We had lots of new teams and a few big teams who split and played a grudge match between themselves! The first half saw 'Don’t Kiss' and 'Desperately Seeking FuFan' both at the top spot but the FuFans pipped them to the cash pot by one little point to take a hefty £150!!

Tom W
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Riddle me this

This week at the Railway Tavern I challenged teams to a written riddle. I gave each team the riddle I had written down and ask them to solve it. The quickest with the correct answer got the bonus points only one team managed to get the answer right. Congratulations to the boys from cloaklands FC on the narrow victory this week! Again the jackpot has rolled over and the money will be over £300 next week. See you all next time, Tom

James C
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

On a night with many newbies, a team of veterans takes the prize!

This week, we had just about half as many competitors as last week, with about a 50/50 split between newcomers and veterans to our quiz. After a tightly fought first half, where only 1 point separated the top trio, the usually much challenging 2nd half didn't separate the top 3 much further, with a mere couple of points difference between our winners and 2nd-from-bottom/3rd from top squad. The Jackpot provided another anticlimax with the initial 2 of spades being immediately succeeded by the 2 of diamonds, rolling onto a respectable £315 next week!

Mike K
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Quizard left scratching their heads

Despite being tonight's overall top scorers with 30 points, 'You're a quizard Harry' somehow managed to miss out on both quiz prizes, losing out on a tie break to 'The novices' in the first, then finishing third behind 'The 4 skins' in the second. 'Stade Francaise' also put up a good effort to finish joint third overall, and 'Norfolk n Chance', 'Class of 96' and 'Rutland boys' made up the seven-team challenge.

Benny A
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Up The Villa, In The Net

Stonker of a quiz tonight at The Bobbin, where the team “Up The Villa” netted their first win under my quizmastership. For the first time in a couple of weeks, the jackpot has rolled over! Next week the pot will be starting at £56 so watch this space, could it be set for dizzying heights once more?

Jason T
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The Will of the People is to Win!

Well done to the "Will of the People" who secured victory with a narrow margin in the latest Wednesday night pub quiz at the Bonaparte. They knew things about Calvin Klein and Pope Benedict that other teams didn't. The jackpot rolls over with a fabulous £115 up for grabs next week. Book your tables now!

Josh H
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

🥇"Let's Get Down To Quizness"🥇Do The Business!🏆

With every seat taken, it was a full house this evening and with a huge jackpot total clocking up, it's no wonder. 🎖️"Let's Get Down To Quizness"🎖️taking the top spot on their debut performance and a £50 bar tab to spend next week. 🎨"You're A Quizzard Harry" 🎨 won both the points for their art but it wasn't quite enough to take them off the foot of the table into the prize-winning second to last place. That honour went to "Pogman Playerz" who were rewarded with a bottle of wine! "The Globe Head Gang" got through...

Chris R
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Blooming Fabulous!

It's Spring, and the quizzers are blooming! A full crop at the Railway this week, with all tables full and even a team on the bar! Good to see 'Rats ate my pants' back after a long absence and they were up against some stiff competition with 'You're a Quizzard O'trivia Newton John', 'We said no to Jimmy Saville' and 'Ring ting, ring ting, Martin Clunes' (?!?) all neck and neck at the top. Dark horses, 'Lomotron' were leading at the breakthrough, and took some tough second half questions to separate the teams. We still ended...

Sarah R
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

'Kissing the Whippet' and the breakfast of champions!

'Kissing the Whippet' took the gold at the Hare on Wednesday night, beating 'The Hounds' into second place by 6.5 points. Second-to-bottom honours went to the 'Separated At Birth Boys', & the free drinks & bonus points went to 'Wing & A Prayer' (round 1) & 'The Hounds' (round 2). The creative round had teams creating a new breakfast cereal, complete with advertising slogan & mascot. In Last Place's 'MiceKrispies' were judged the winning bowl by the bar staff, & took the points. In Last Place also won themselves a stab at the jackpot, but their...

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