Graeme W
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Supersisters Triumph In Tiebreaker Tangle

There was deadlock at the top and bottom of the quiz table tonight at The Hare and Billet, with The Chris Palmer Trio, Supersisters and Agatha Quiztie all sharing top spot on 31 points, and Let’s Get Quizzical and Universally Challenged tied last on 18 points. This meant that only a tiebreaker could sort out the prize winners at either end, and after some number-crunching it was Supersisters who walked away with the £50 bar tab first prize, and Let’s Get Quizzical who nabbed the prize for second last, a voucher for a bottle of wine.

Jason T
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

The best date ever!

We think romance blossomed when "We thought this was speed dating" enjoyed a convincing win at the latest Bonaparte quiz fest. They knew things about the Prime Minister that other teams did not. There was a tiebreaker for the wine for second-to-last but a delightful couple called K.E.M pulled through on that. The jackpot continues to rise at an impressive £439 for next week. See you soon

Charlotte H
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Teamy Mcteam Face took the McMajor Prize

It was a challenging and busy night at the Cutty Sark. With free samples of flavoured beef eater strategically available for the majority of the quiz. As we all know the Beefeaters are members of the Queens highest order and so too were the participants of the Quiz. Free drinks (own choice) were shared to 2 players who were able to correctly answer the bonus round questions. A triumph on their behalf!! However the real victors tonight were Team Mcteam Face. Who took the reigned supreme and took the £50 food and bar tab for the...

Josh H
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

£350+ Jackpot Next Week With Only Three Cards To Beat!

There was a return to winning ways for 🥇"Quizzical Virgins"🥇 this week after a narrow victory over 🥈"Lorenzo & Migwelly"🥈. Last week's winners "The Hangry Animals" had an off week as 🥉"Low Expectations"🥉won the bonus points (and free drink) for their paper plane's accuracy which took them into third. There was a tie at the bottom end of the table meaning the second to last placed team prize of a bottle of house wine was given to 🍷"Team Regret"🍷. The jackpot is still rolling on and should be around the £380 mark next week so make...

Anne W
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

CALU does it again!!

Another great night at the brewhouse!! Lots of returning newbies (the flying mongooses) who so nearly won the jackpot!! But that means it’s £110 next week :D CALU took the win once again followed in a close second by quizzimodo!! Nachos and Wings who played on the hoof and ended up winning themselves a mini keg!! So once again, like last week, proof that there is no reason not to play! So come down next week and find us at the top of the highstreet :D it’s always a good night!

Charles C
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Just a quiz-puppet on a lonely string. Oh, who would ever want to be king?

Last night we learned that giraffes used to be known as camelopards; dactylographers study fingerprints; and, sardines are named after Sardinia. A closely packed first half opened up into a sprint for the finish in the second, with "Chumz +3" just missing the bottle of wine but getting the Smarties. They also deciphered quite a tricky 'Amy Winehouse' anagram - kudos to them. A tie-break for the wine saw " Discovery Channel" (who were superb on Eminem music videos) just lost out to "I Like Your Little Beard" (who knew that the flag of Barbados (which...

Benny A
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Root Vegetables and Cathedrals

A tense night of quizzing at the Bobbin as seventeen teams faced off in a brawl of knowledge; each trying to win a 75% share of the entry fees, £91.50, in this case. It was very, very tight, and the evening ended in a double tie-break, a phenomenon rarely seen in the quizzing world. In the end it was team “Drawing of a C**k” who could tell a root vegetable from a cathedral first, crowning them this week’s winners. Congratulations!

Liam E
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm


Another close one this week at The Royal Oak as “Looking for a 6th” and “Egg Heads” went head to head in a tiebreaker to decide our winner...could you answer how mailbags were stolen in the great train robbery? Well one team went with 2007 and the other 342. The answer was 120 so well done to Egg Heads who were closest and walk away with the £50 bar tab.

Luke T
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Another cracking night of quizzing at Putney High Street's finest. WINNER - 2nd last bottle of wine - in future it'll be a delicious platter of food. WINNER - £50 bar tab for our new team in the top spot, snatching victory by just one point from Universally Challenged. CHICKEN DINNER - after all the excitement I was hungry and had a delicious zinger tower burger on the way home, while gazing over the River Thames. Top 10 teams listed here. For a second week running Marcus Z stepped up to the Rollover but failed to...

Tyrone A
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

All Aboard The Quiz Train! Another Thriller In Clapham.

The Railway Tavern has long been established as one of the go-to quizzes in the South London area - filled with hot prizes and an always stacked jackpot potential (tonight it was £200!!!) and tonight's quiz warriors gave all they got. As tight as it was, there were two teams at the death who couldn't be separated. So it was the always thrilling tie-break that saw The Nightingales pip Rum Punch for the £25 bar spend first prize. There were no complaints at the bottom end of the leaderboard either as Team Funk walked off with...

Graham E
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Threeway Tiebreak for Top Spot!

A remarkably exciting night of quizzing ended incredibly with three teams - 'Outrajeous', 'Red Lorry Yellow Lorry' and' Pune Warriors' - tied for first place all on 35.5 points. A tense and highly competitive tiebreak ensued with the deadlock broken by a question on the great train robbery. The lorries came closest to guessing correctly, and so our top team here at The Rylston claimed victory and the £40 bar tab once again. Back in second-to-last the 'Golden Girls' picked up the bottle of wine as they made a winning return to the quiz after many...

Victoria S
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

RONald'S mcDONald.

Give yourselves a Pat On The Back. Tonight's quiz was the fatberg of all quizzes, we had the Game of our Lifes with Shia Laboeuf, Kevin Bacon, and The Rolling Stones. At the tippie top of all 14 teams, were the old faithfuls 'Ron's Dons', steaming ahead of 2nd placers 'It's A Really Thin Jumper'... Returning quizzers 'It Takes Two' had a good night too, winning a bottle of wine in the bonus round, and a bottle of Prosecco in the Jackpot round. They left the £310 in one of the 11 envelopes left, so come...

Mike K
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Cornered it!

In the corner were tonight's British Queen Quiz champions, taking the first quiz on a tie break from Norfolk and chance, with You're a quizard Harry just a point away in third, then the second quiz by an impressive five points from joint runners-up Norfolk and chance and Drinks on Norfolk. A fun night, with the quiz master sharing his birthday evening with one of the Norfolk and chance team too... Cheers!

Joseph T
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Pizza Is Where The Prize Is

I've said it before and I'll say it again, covering quizzes is such a joy, getting to see how each venue makes its own. The Rising Sun's special offering is its delicious wood fired pizzas that you walk away with for coming second last. And tonight 2 teams had to tie break for the honour. In the end it was "Just The Two of Us" that got to fill their stomachs.

Marnie N
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

The Good News

The doors were open and the sun shine but that didn’t stop 16 teams of Islington’s finest quiz brains coming to quiz. The first round saw an unprescedented seven teams come in second place but the second half belonged to Shake Neews who had a storming Round Two and took a nice full pot home with points to spare!

Cat B
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Busy battling

Tonight was thriving! 9 teams of passionate trivia spouting legends... plan B came out on top again but only just! Barflies were hot on their heels the whole way through. The creative round consisted of drawing Queen Elizabeth riding a dragon... and genuinely I was blown away by some of the entrees.... 3 of them will definitely be going on my bedroom wall. Join us next week for more fun- will Plan B be beaten?! I dare you.

Howard S
Wednesday May 22 @ 8 pm

Last but not least!

In the last quiz of the season we had a great night! A win was inevitable for Thanks For The Cheese as they have made a habit of winning here. They were pushed hard by the others but they couldn't deliver a strong enough challenge. Finally the Jackpot wasn't won so was donated to charity by the pubs owners! Class 👏

Nick H
Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

It worked this evening: "And in 4th place" were fourth

It could be said that this evening's quiz was about appropriate team names. Congratulations must go first and foremost to James and Ali for not only being an integral part of the winning team this evening and custodian of the £40 bar voucher first prize, but also on their news about impending parenthood and therefore another little bundle! In terms of the 'appropriate team name', they were called "Better late than never"! On the theme of appropriate team names, it has to be said the "Dynamic Duo" were not particularly dynamic this evening and would probably...

James C
Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

We Have New Winners!

Ravi's Angels, on their only second visit to our venue, and with a half-changed team from last week, managed to be the grand winners of this week's quiz, with the top 3 a single point apart from each other! They also had the opportunity to have a go at our newly reset Jackpot of £50, getting so tantalisingly close to the end as they folded on the 9th card. Rollover time next week!

Rob W
Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

Whiffy Quizzing

A big turnout at the Draught House in Battersea tonight, with nearly 30 players on seven teams vying for the £50 bar tab! With questions touching on cow patties and the “fatberg” of congealed oil and toilet tissue haunting London's sewers, the quiz had a distinctive—but thankfully only figurative—whiff about it. In the end, the aptly named “Brief Encounter” (2 pairs of strangers who met on the patio) took the prize! Elsewhere, Den’s Disciples had their wishes granted in the form of a bottle of wine for coming second-to-last. And in a dramatic post game closest-to...

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