Joseph T
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

The King Had His Arms Full

Amazing turnout this evening 47 people came to keep me company at this evenings quiz! And it was a fiercely fought match. Our Reigning Champs held their title despite a handycap, a highly impressive score of 43! They need to be taken down a peg or two, will you be the one to do it?!

Josh M
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Red Squadron Soar to Victory

Wow, what a great night of quizzing! Last night's quiz at the Sun Inn saw 9 teams battle it out for the chance of not only winning a £50 bar tab but also a whopping £125 jackpot. In the end it was Red Squadron who soared to victory in the main quiz with an impressive 40 points. Well done guys! In an impressive display of quizzing prowess they also managed to win the 'closest to' that followed and thus they gained a chance of competing for the jackpot. Although they didn't win the game of 'play...

Luke T
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Badger controversy in Wandsworth

A lovely mix of regular, occasional and new players. The question on everybody's lips... Could Roots Hall Heroes make it two weeks in a row, having pipped Selhurst Parkers to the post by just half a point last week? No, they couldn't. A decisive victory for the Parkers. Meanwhile... Badgers v rats... Carnivores v omnivores... Tour Guide Barbie... All going on. John from Big Black Dog (pictured - the dog, not John) stepped up to the Rollover. If he'd stuck rather than twisted he'd have won £193... But he didn't meaning £200 + next week at...

Eddie W
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Izzy whizz let's get quizzy winsssss!!!!

Wow!!! For a dull January / Monday fourty one people decided to come on down to the Castle ( Holland Park ) and let their hair down. The jackpot was not won so that means next weeks it rises to a hefty £158 and everyone got a chance to win it and I hope to.see new fresh faces down here and give it a go.

Elliot F
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Nearly a Clean Sweep

Not only did A Bucket of Wine and a Punchbag Please storm to victory this evening with a sensational 49 points, but they nearly took the double crown. Just two cards separated them from the jackpot glory of £259. But, alas, it wasn’t to be and they had to settle for a £50 tab. Still, could be worse!

Charlotte H
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Team Takes the Spirit and the Prize

Another fantastic evening at the Grapes in Limehouse. All teams rolled in on this cold Monday evening to stretch their brains and quiz like they'd never quizzed before! In 2nd to last place this evening, were newcomers; team Primitivo! They walked away with a lovely bottle of Malbec to share! In first place, and the recipients of the £50 food and bar tab were Sergio's Spirit Animal. The team were inspired by the man, the myth and the legend that is Sergio who leads the team behind the bar! They walked away with the title of...

Peter C
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

A Broken Run

Well, what a result at The Colton tonight..... teams gathered for the fun of the event, for the challenge of the questions, and frankly to see if The QZA's run of six consecutive wins would continue. The challenge was on. At half time only 5 points separated the top six teams and The QZA were only half a point in the lead. The second half proved decisive... from Vicki Pollard to Big mouth Billy Bass it all counted. And when the final scores were in, a big turn around.....The QZA were in second place ! Pipped...

Jason T
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Katie Price and Peter Andre help secure top spot for new victors

The most depressing day of the year was marked by victory by a new team at the latest KPH quiz who knew things about Katie Price that other teams didn't. In fact the clever people of Ladbroke Grove knew how to cheer themselves up by supporting the busiest quiz yet at this fabulous venue. Ring ahead to book a table for added comfort at the next Monday quiz. See you all soon.

Aukash Z
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Second Place finish forst

What another amazing night at The Boot! The cold weather did not stop the players from coming in, and it was nice to see some new faces too. It was also a very high scoring evening - a whopping three teams got over 30 points. Bring on next week, with 40 more questions! All in all, it was an evening well spent.

Ellie W
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Lay your cards on the table...

Yes lay your cards on the table because on this extremely freezing Monday evening, we saw the return of CHASE THE ACE! Next week the rollover is already tipped to be £60, with the highest rollover to date being £600! Check out the photo, finding that ace on the board could change your night...

David M
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

The Night When It All Happened

A really good night. Norfolk n' Chance team of two absolutely stormed. Nobody had ever seen anything like it. In the end it ended and Norfolk n' Chance won the flipping lot. It was like they really knew what they were doing and they did. The whole quiz just stopped dead when they won it because it was over and everyone was like "Thats the end" and it was. It was ten o'clock. It was the end of the quiz and what a night it had been. Did I mention that Norfolk n' Chance won it?...

Pippi C
Monday Jan 20 @ 8 pm

Some Good News For The New Royals

The Bucks Head saw a tense battle this week between 6 teams, fighting it out for the crown. Team ‘Galdem’ looked like they had it in the bag but the coincidentally named ‘The New Royals’, claimed the throne in the final round. They had a shot at the jackpot too but sadly for them it still remains unclaimed. Could you win it next week?

Harry D
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

The Pub Quiz Is Back! Yeehaa! The western Three win this weeks quiz!

In the devonshire arms this evening, we discovered to have 3 bright looking teams that battle it out for the top bottle of wine prize for this week and a whole lot of fun, general knowledge questions out of this mind that you can probably guess and think of, creative rounds involving to throw a paper plane and much more entertainment while enjoying your stay under the arms (devonshire arms). Our quizzers were put to the test with questions such as knowoing a famous sportsman releasing an autobiography, knowing the barbie characters from toy story 2...

Ozzy C
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

Superb numbers..

Looking at the team's score average I could say this was a very successful quiz. 'Misfit for Purpose' knew almost all answers basically. Jackpot was about to be won by one of their team members as well! She lost it at the last card. One of the bonus drink questions was won by the gentleman from the same team. Hats off! Well done all teams. Paper plane throwing contest was also fun. It is always fun :)

Luke M
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

Trifling matter

The Triple Trifles tripled their tally as they took top place at this evenings arnos arms quiz. It was a close game, with The Gooners pushing them all the way, but in the end the Triple Trifles managed to stick their necks in front and see the victory out. Join us next week and see if you can stop the Trifles winning 4 in a row

Daniel C
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

Drunken sailor back to winning ways

Last weeks runners up were back on top tonight with an epic score of 41 points to get that £50 bar tab while team Quiz On My Face finished second place to get hat bottle of wine. It could’ve been a winning night for them as after getting our closest too question they got to enter our play your cards right round but were denied the winnings after being shown an ace after opting to go higher than a 4- but of course there is always good news and with half of tonight’s entrance fees going...

Blaze S
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

2 Regular Teams Battle!

Tonight, two large regular teams battled it out. “Iggys + Pop” won with a wopping 36 points, mainly made up of a great second half score. “Please Give Us The Best Team Name Prize”, thanks to their grovelling, won the best team name chocolate bar prize. They also had a respectable score of 28.

Ross M
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

60% of the time does it again.

They won last week, they won this week... They really should change their name as the percentage should have increased by now, its 60% of The Time, We Win Everytime! The Duke of Sussex now has an official 'team to beat'. Smart Meters, a mini team of three people, put on a great show, coming second by the tiny margin of half a point. Ianless won the wine and a free drink.

Charlie T
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

Pub Quiz Champs Scoop a Second Victory

Long-time contenders 'Stephen Hawking's Football Boots' came back for a victory lap after last week's win, taking the £52 top prize tonight with a hefty 45. Fresh competition 'Largest Team by Population' came second on a competitive 40. 'Who Made Your Eggs Today' led the pack at the half but ended 3rd on 38 thanks to a tough 2nd round. The bottle-of-house was won by 'Eric & Ernie' after a tiebreaker tussle at the bottom with 'Serena 2 the Rescue'. Come next week - and bring your smart clothes.

Monica N
Monday Jan 20 @ 7 pm

Princes and Paupers at the Perseverance

The Perseverance's Monday night quiz was back with a bang this week, kicking off 2020 in style with 9 teams going head to head. Our creative round 'Write a CV for the shortly to be unemployed Prince Harry' produced some hilarious entries and was won by Aidan Grant and the Big Boy Fun Band. The night's royal crown went to Star Spider, who won the £50 bar tab, with the pauper's prize going to Worth 2 in the Bush. Next week we look forward to the return of the jackpot!

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