Jonathon M
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

No "Horsing" Around for Tonight's Winners!

It was horses aplenty at tonight's quiz in Crystal Palace, as the creative round involved making your best Play-Doh horse for the whole bar to see. Throw in a few hidden horsey questions and you've got yourself a theme! Well done to tonight's best horse-sculpting team, "Still Undecided" who impressed the bar staff with Randy the Rocking Horse, earning a round of drinks for the team. Winning the main quiz and the cash pot was "Quizlamic Pundamentalists" who led by just two points in the first half and then staying ahead of the competition, ending with...

Daniel H
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

"The Quiznessmen" Are Back

In memory of the great Stan Lee, our Marvel themed sculpture challenge was won with the fist of Thanos, by "No Name No Game", though I (I am not the judge ) preferred the Silvery Surfer by "Ex Quiz It". However, neither made any difference as tonight "The Quiznessmen" came back to win by 1 and a half points ahead of "Un Dai Three", who almost achieved a perfect score at half time. Great night as always. See you there next time!

Howard S
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

The Vikings Return!

"The Vikings From The Path To The North" may possibly be the longest winning team name I've ever had! A very tight quiz this week we had a tie break in second and a three way tie for third very close stuff. We had a lest we forget theme in the plasticine modelling round and as you can see some people did a lovely job.

David G
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

"It Was Only An Anorak" Win The Quiz!

"It Was Only an Anorak - Get Over It" won the Tuesday night quiz at The Star by Hackney Downs. They won a nail-biting finale by a single point as they scooped the £50 cash. The runners up picked up a £25 and £15 bar tab for finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. The winning team also won the free drink by being the fastest to answer the spot-prize question. For a great night out, come to The Star by Hackney Downs next and every Tuesday. 8pm!

Peter W
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Got to Turn Around

The one point deficit faced by this week's eventual winners seemed to be the simplest of obstacles to overcome and the change around in the other positions in the table at halftime seemed to spell trouble for the halftime leaders. Despite the best efforts of the team in fourth place at halftime, raising themselves to second, "Trivia Newton John" managed to turn their halftime second place into a winning position, outscoring their immediate competitors by four points.

Amber B
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm


Tonight at The Crabtree “Fab fab + the bathtards” took home the first place prize of a 50-pound bar tab, in an epic tiebreaker against “Jackets + Prawns” who ended up winning second place prize tickets to a comedy show! Coming in the second to last place winning a bottle of white wine was “Ross has the clap” and the whole pub was clapping for them! Come by next week at The Crabtree at 8 pm for another quiz!

James H
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Possible Deal

In view of today's press release stating that a possible Brexit deal may be in the offing, we had a theme of "possible deals". As such we had some interesting team names but the clear winner was "Raabit in the headlights, May end badly!" was considered the winner by the bar staff. The whole quiz was very tightly fort for with 1st and 2nd place only separated by half a point. At the other end of the scale, the bottom 3 were also only separated by half a point. "Team Zero" was in the house and...

Celia L
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

I Did A Terry Wogan At Euroquizion...

It’s a pleasure to be back at The Alwyne Castle after 8 weeks away! But despite my absence, it seems everyone is still flocking to The Castle on Tuesday evenings which is fanbloodytastic!! A perfect welcome home! Alas, I made a boo boo in all the excitement and had a Terry Wogan moment revealing the wrong winner for the bottle of wine!! It was all going so well 😂 But commiserations to "I Love Lamp" who took it very well when I had to break it to them that actually "The Alwyne Squares" won the wine!...

Matthew F
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Slay Bells Ring... in Blackheath as the teams got into the festive season to jostle for top reindeer and fly off with the £70 jackpot. It was all about leaving, as "May’s Brexit Xmas Stuffing" made a turkey of the rest of the field by bagging the prized present as a less than seasonal "Moroccan Cats Are Very Dangerous" brought up the rear with a bottle of wine in second.

Kilian M
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Family Feud!

A night of high emotion as I entered a new environment at The Jobbers Rest. Round one was completed swiftly as the majority of the teams were regulars. However, one new team 'Neighbours' entered the mix and caused quite a stir and lead the first round by 1 point against their family team 'Let's get Quizical'. At the end of round 2 'Let's get Quizical' managed to squeeze in and win by one narrowly avoiding the tie-break question and beat mummy and daddy! What a night!!

Jodyanne F
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Geometric Glands

"The Egregious Bastards" held the lead at the halfway mark tonight but round two proved to much and they slipped back just enough to allow "Guy & Dolls & Some Other Guys" to surge forward and claim the top prize £57 kitty. The second place went to "Backstop Team Name" whilst the second to last place bottle of house wine bonus prize was quaffed by "Easy Bake Oven" - second time they've played, second time they've claimed this prize. Back next week!

Joseph T
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Clash of the Titans

It was an epic battle between 2 giants of The Rectory. Regulars, "The Sheyman", were top of the heap at halftime but just got pipped to first place in the end by "Beerview Mirrors"! It wasn't all bad for those second place holders though, they got a shot at £250 but unfortunately fell after the second card. Come back next week for another shot at the jackpot!

Alex B
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

"I Said That!"... And They Won A Bar Tab

Triumphant return to the top for "I Said That" with a score of 35. Star studded night on the answer sheets this week with Leonardo Di Caprio, Bear Grylls and even Issac Newton putting in an appearance! The penultimate placed bottle of vino was won by "8 Legged Freak!" Who knew spiders liked red wine!

Josh M
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Good Night For "Spotted Dick"!

What a fun quiz! Tonight's quiz at The Botanist was hotly contested with all teams bringing a lot of energy and brainpower. There was lot to play for too, with both a £50 bar tab and a £100 jackpot up for grabs! Despite some stiff competition, however, it was "Spotted Dick And Monkey Bread" who ultimately came out as victors to win the bar tab. They displayed great quizzing prowess and they also managed to win the 'creative round' with an amazing horse drawing!

Charles C
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

We Found You, Bear Grylls! Spotted By "3 Blind Mice"!

High tension and high excitement at The Duke of York last night that not even my hyperbole is sufficient to communicate. Questions on hollandaise sauce, Jurassic Park and sperm whales provided a mixed bag with which teams could wrestle. Having initially just come for the banter, family superteam - "Smile & Nod" (Dad, Mum and three gents below 14 years old) from across the pond, had a belter of a first half with nuggets of trivia from each of them along the way. "Yaas Queens" also had a strong quiz, demonstrating an impressive knowledge of celebrities,...

Jason T
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Team "Custard" Gets The Cream

Well done to "Custard" who came top of the league in the latest Tavern Teasers. They knew things about shoelaces and Jurassic Park that other players struggled with. The Wine went towards celebrating Ed's impending nuptials. "Wedding Crashers 2" won a nice bottle of wine which they soon devoured this very evening. Come and enjoy the fun every Tuesday. Book a table now for extra comfort. See you soon.

Jason C
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

"12 Years A Chaide" Do It In Style!

In another busy night at The Clapton Hart there was only one point in it as "12 Years A Chaide" crept in with a narrow victory over some stiff competition! The night wasn't without disappointment though as they failed to take the jackpot prize too. However, that simply means it rolls over into next week when it's a not insignificant total of £77. Hopefully I'll see you all there next week at The Clapton Hart!

Josh H
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

💣 Pop Goes The Jackpot 💣

💰"The Brews"💰 were well chuffed this evening after scooping the cash jackpot leaving them well over £100 richer between the two of them. A perfect remedy to the pain of finishing half a point off the winning quiz score. Get in there lads! 🥇"Team C"🥇 finished top of the pack in the quiz this week after a tense tie break finish with "The Spanish In-Quiz-Ition" saw them steal the top cash prize. 🐍"Venom Snake"🐍didn't win a sausage but reunited me with a couple of my mates that were surprise new additions to the team. Hope to...

Daniel C
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

£200 Still Needs To Be Won!

Returning team "Stan Lee Black And Deader" just edged it tonight, they got 3 bonus points for the best play-doh model of Alice In Wonderland which helped them edge the job tonight by a single point. We had a new team join us tonight, they bagged themselves 18 points to finish second to last which was exactly where the pub voted for the bottle of wine to go. Team "Phils Babies" got our closest too tonight to enter our £200 cash jackpot, they were dealt the 8 of hearts and after opting to go higher we’re...

Nigel B
Tuesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

No Stopping The Boys.

Hi guys, well is there no stopping these boys. Another decent turnout with a couple of new teams fighting it out tonight, but the boys were absolutely brilliant tonight racking up a huge 43 points. There was some brief resistance from "Dels Angels" but the boys were just too strong. Great result for "I Love Pen And Paper" who won the bottle of wine for second to last place. Our newbies did really well and I am sure we will see them again. Well done everyone. Another very enjoyable night. See ya all next week.

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