Annina K
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Quizzing up a snowstorm

Despite the snow two teams joined Tuesday night’s quiz night for the top prize of £40 bar tab. Regulars 'Bangers n’ Smash' felt confident and we blasted through the 40 questions and International quizzers 'Qu’est-que le f*ck' has a triumphant first quiz and celebrated their win with champagne. 'Bangers n’ Smash' took the second place with only a five point difference. We hope to see more regulars next week once the snow calms.

Charlie T
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

'Odd Idiots' Defeat the Brains

The quartet of intellects inaptly named 'Odd Idiots' took the crown tonight, winning the £50 bar tab. 'Oliver's Revenge' were close but had to have a point knocked off for their 7th player. It was a tussle for the bottle of house at second-bottom, both Mill Hillbillies and Ryan! Take Me Away! on 24. Ryan! clinched it on the tie-breaker. Not everyone won something but we all had fun, I hope.

Daniel H
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Small but Perfectly Formed

On the birthday of Captain Kidd, (1645), our tinfoil theme this week was all things piratical, and our teams rose to the occasion beautifully. This was won by runners up, 'Let's Get Quizzical', whose incorporated cutlery won the day. However, regular winners 'The Quiznessmen' took the title again this week by a huge ten point margin. The usual great atmosphere and new faces and even one extra team playing for fun as they had no cash but still wanted to play. Great night. See you there next week. X

Jodyanne F
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

But they've both got antlers!

The first snow of the winter lay down tonight as teams gathered in the Island Queen to stay warm by the power of conundrum. "BJs 4 H2O" were one point ahead of their nearest rivals "We Like Shapes" at the half way point and managed to increase their lead by a full half a point in the second round to scoop the top prize £104 kitty. Meanwhile "We Like Shapes" ended on level pegging with "No Name" but as the latter had a over the six quota of players moved ahead to to take the second...

Dylan M
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Luck of the Irish

This week was a busy quiz again at The Duke of York was a busy one again and, as is usual at the hotel pub, there were teams from all over the globe. This included a Mother and Son team (aptly named 'Mom and Son') with a man whose mother was visiting from across the pond. In the second place, 'The Bambricks', were a group of Irish chaps to whom the pub's landlady Una (also from the Emerald Isle) took a liking. (I can assure however that no favouritism took place!) Well done to the cumbersomely...

James H
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Crash bang wallop what a........

..... What a car crash, what a photograph. Actually that is something that wasn't the case at the CCC this week. Bonus points this evening were awarded for the team that could make the best team name from The Duke of Edinburgh's mishap last week. The clear winner was "Heirbag" given how clever it was but "Quiztest Dummies" and "The Prince of Wheels" were also popular. This evening we had a clear run away winner with a stunning 41 points however as is often the case the team who had a shot at the £149 jackpot...

Howard S
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Tie Break!

At half time it looked like a tie break would be the last thing needed. 'The Bumhats' were smashing it! Then three bonus points for their plasticine model seemed to have sealed an easy second half. Then came 'Cupid Stunts', they had the round of their lives and managed to tie the quiz. Unfortunately they then lost the tie break! Great fun, lots of players and a great night.

Edward D
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

A Night of Dogs and Omans...

Guess where "In Last Place" Came. On the nose that Oman is. Guess where "Just the Three of Us" came. The clue is in the name. Quizzers heed my words, team names matter, don't tempt fate, make it giggle, and maybe it will be on your side. Tonight the PHD students of Imperial were victorious again with the name "Car Crash". With that name they outwitted fate with pure hard knowledge. A stunning victory. A wonder to behold them in action! The winners of the bottle of wine "The New Guys" were amazed at their first...

Charles C
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

"Even more exciting than the egg that is more popular than Kylie!" said a local

Tension reached fever pitch last night at The Champion as teams 'battled' (come on, this is London) the sleet to join us for a delectable buffet of questions on everything from Cinderella and gazelles to Brainy Smurf and yoga. 'Lego Lovers', won the consolation box of Smarties, with last night their first quiz ever. A promising start to their trivia careers. Just ahead of them came "Perfect Regulars", whose excellent kitchen appliance expertise got them a point no-one else had. Just one point came between "The 40 Liners" (3/3 on the film posters) and "The Real...

Jason C
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

And it took a tiebreaker!

In an exhilarating finish it took a tiebreaker to divide the top two teams. In the end it was the 'Hackney Gherkins' who took the top prize. The night was not without its controversy though with the jackpot round question having to be re-run after a bout of poor diction. All's well that ends well though as no-one took home the jackpot. All of which means there's even more reason to come and claim it next week at The Clapton Hart!

Joseph T
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Cosy Up At The Crabtree

8 terrific teams took shelter from the cold this evening at The Crabtree in Hammersmith. There were bar tabs, wine and free drinks left right and centre! Our reigning champions didn't brave the snow and made way for "Ricky Baker" to take the top title with a whopping 39 points. If you think you can do better than come on down, same time next week and try your luck.

Keith H
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Well, snow, so: no dog, obviously. But never mind, someone brought a baby.....

...anyone found a baby? Lovely to see some folks we hadn't seen for a while, especially tonight's winners "Neighbours", whom I contrived to recognize, despite the fact that the last time they were here, I wasn't. Quiz-master's superpowers, and all that. Also, two of the best-tempered stewards' enquiries on odd answers that I can remember. Thank you "Us and Them" for a lightening tour of historical stadium names. I have to say that one of the great pleasures this job affords is the genial tolerance with which you all greet me bellowing dodgy George Michael song-titles...

Ben L
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Head to Head at the Botanist

A tight contest at The Botanist tonight saw two teams battle their grey matter with a difference of just 2 points in the end. Sadly our 2nd placed team “We haven’t got a Kew” were unable to win our 5 card lottery for the jackpot of £100 so that rolls over again for next week. Best of luck next time everyone!

Liam E
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Big teams

We had some big teams tonight at The Brouge with three teams having 5 or more members. More people don’t always guarantee the win, yet tonight that formula seemed to work as our winners had 6 members and smashed it with 36.5 points, so well done to ‘The Dukes A Hazard’ well deserved. As always was wonderful to be at The Brouge and I hope to be back very soon.

Verity K
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Tora, Tora, Tora, - Win, Win, Win

Tonight, after braving sleet and rain and snow to get there, we had some dedicated, brave and intrepid quiz goers at the lovely Prince Regent in Herne Hill. First prize was snatched by 'Tora, Tora, Tora' with a storming 43 points, followed by 'The Wimbley Wombles' with 40.5!!! Third place 'Django Unchained' were truly the best in my eyes, because they’d brought their dog. A great quiz all round!

Hannah E
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

“Two Cops, “Two Wigs, Terry Crews” 🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️👩🏼👩🏼 👨🏿‍🦲

First quiz of the year at the Islington Town House, I pulled a couple of lads out of the snug on the 1st floor and shouted trivia at them until they just couldn’t take it anymore! 5 teams competed for a £40 bar tab, a bottle of wine and 21 whole pounds 💷 everyone ‘ad a right larf 🐣

Simon J
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Snow Joke for AC Quizzers

Torrential snow storms in the Highbury area could have ment all teams getting snowed it at the end if tonight's thriller....and the 13 team would not have cared one bit... Especially 'Scrotal Football' who picked up the big W tonight... a great effort with just 2 in the team... And the JJ's were more than happy with their Vino victory... even if their beard strength estimations leave a lot to be desired. :) Till next time... A

Ellie W
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

£250 rollover next week!

Yes you heard correctly £250 up for grabs IN CA$H! Sound good? Join us from 8pm next Tuesday for your chance. And do we have any Dr. Who fans out there I wonder? Well Feb 8th is a treat for you! HELLO DR WHO THEME QUIZ ONLY OMG! Book now :)

Jason T
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

'Sex, drugs and sausage rolls' top the Tavern Teasers

Well done to 'Sex, drugs and sausage rolls' who enjoyed a one point lead to win £96 in hard cash at the latest pub quiz at the Southwark Tavern. There was even more excitement for the wine with four teams tied on 29 points (second-to-last) and trying to get closest to guessing the age difference between Donald and Melania. What would you have thought? See you next Tuesday guys.

Matthew F
Tuesday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

There’s Snow Bizzniss Like...

....quiz bizzniss here in Blackheath as the game many turned out in force to have their minds tittilated once more. There was an array of quizzy quips too, as “The 1997 Parisian Tunnel Grand Prix Champion Strikes Again” took home the jackpot as “Smurfette #metoo” came in a creditable second. It was the honourable prize of Best Team Name that rained on their parade however, being scooped by “Total Lunar Equizp.”

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