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1,080 claps in a minute! That's quite a round of applause

Charles C

At last night's quiz, we learned Barbie's middle name is Millicent; 90% of the world's population lives in the northern hemisphere; and, a pentadecagon has 15 sides. "HMS Battleaxe" won the Smarties, and were proud to be the first team to identify the Guam flag correctly. "Unicorns" had a truly magical (groan) evening, with the captain winning a free drink, the team winning the bottle of wine and also getting the question about cocktails right (is there a pattern?!). Just ahead of them, “Quiz In My Pants”, who knew that Lego had been voted Forbes Magazine’s ‘Toy of the 20th Century’, while “Team 01905” scored one point more, and were the first to identify the Titanic Museum in Belfast. Having delivered a sterling first half, “Inglorious Basderds” were wrong-footed by the ‘Jason Mraz – I’m Yours’ lyrics and slipped a little down the rankings but not before having got 3 from 3 on the tube station question.

“Turn Charlie Down, Commentary Up”, whose team name they assured me was nothing personal nor was it prohibitive to them deciphering the Nicholas Cage anagram (eventually!! 😉), earned joint third together with “The Duchy Ovens” (best team name of the night”, who had a moon landing of a first visit, correctly deciphering the moon dingbat and knew that only one nation has put people on the moon. Taking silver, “Dogs and Dames” were superb, with two 3-out-of-3s on the film posters and the tube stations. At the end, though, “Down 2 Quizness” earned the £40 bar tab, following a strong performance, even knowing that ‘salad’ can be typed using just one row of a computer keyboard. So much knowledge gained!

We all had fun guessing the world record number of claps by one person in a minute but it was “Team 01905” who got closest to the right answer. 1,080!!! They won through to the jackpot envelopes (for the umpteenth time!) but – AGAIN! – the tricksy prize card eluded them. Jackpot rolls over to next week. £166 to be won! Come and get it. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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