Duchy Arms Wed, May 08 2019 20:00

Can somebody get me a pangolin as a pet?

Charles C

A heady combination of high-caliber quizzing, high-intensity football, and high-octane rock-paper-scissors made for an exciting night at The Duchy Arms last night. A quiz that saw the three top teams finish within one point of each other.

Along the way, we learned: 'T' is the consonant which makes the most appearances in written English; O-negative is the universal blood donor type and Adidas (founded by Adolf 'Adi' Dassler) is the largest European sportswear brand. "Brain Stopped Play" won the consolation Smarties, showing excellent Dire Straits lyrics knowledge. Just ahead of them, "Italian Stallions" earned the bottle of wine, with 3-out-of-3 on the tube stations. A mere half a point ahead of them, "Rained Off" showed a wealth of knowledge (even beyond cricket), from the Pampers logo to the Rhodes scholarship programme. Then, just outside medal position but still winning some fruit pastilles, "Eddie Duffy" were superb on Star Wars and meteorites (a galactic force of their own?!).

Following a screamer of first half, I thought "Fishermen's Friends" were a shoo-in for the top spot, with excellent celebrity recognition and solid identification of the Vengaboys HQ (Ibiza). However, they were pipped (half a point!!) for second place right at the end by "Frank Burnside's Slags", who were kicking themselves on the final Michael Jackson music video freeze-frame. Still, to get 2-from-3 was very impressive.

Finally, just half a point beyond FBS, late entries "The Rookies" won the £40 bar tab with 3 on the tube stations, song lyrics and MJ song identification. Incredible stuff. Jackpot restarts next week. £78 already. Come and get it. If you can bring me a pangolin (we discovered last night they are the world's most trafficked mammal), I will definitely hand out at least one bonus point. Possibly two. You have my word. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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