Duchy Arms Wed, May 29 2019 20:00

Henry VIII put three kids on the throne but I can't even potty-train one child

Charles C

Unbelievable (painful for some) scenes in the football last night. Incredible drama in the quiz too. My hyperbole barely does the tension justice, with the top three teams separated by just two points. Through the excitement of it all, we learned Alaska is the only US state you can type using just one row of a computer keyboard; Auckland is the first city over 1 million people to celebrate New Year; and, Karaoke translates from the Japanese for ‘empty orchestra’. Such rich trivia.

“Magical Belles” earned the consolation Fruit Pastilles, having done very well on the cryptic tube stations. Winning the bottle of wine, despite cultural and language(!) barriers, “The AMAEzings” – a team from across the pond – used a previous run-in with Mark Wahlberg as inspiration for the question on his brother, Donnie. Winning bronze, “Threedom”, who even knew where the island of Comoros is (whaaatt??) and that all three of Henry VIII's (legitimate!) children all became monarchs, were agonisingly close to the bar tab. Even closer, regular heroes “Charlie 4 PM” (an inspirational and in no way misconceived team name) were one point ahead, again showing tremendous depth of knowledge, from celebrity identification to obscure flowering plants. Winners this week were “The Rookies”, with 3 from 3 on the film posters, the tube stations, and the Lady Gaga song lyrics. Wonderful quizzing.

“Threedom” won through to the jackpot envelopes, where £85 was at stake, with the closest guess to my diameter-of-the-moon question (answer: 3,474km) but the money went un-won. Rollover for next week. £106 up for grabs, along with the usual prizes. This quiz literally has everything. Top trivia, perfect prizes and the chance to battle against me in a pub-wide game of rock-paper-scissors. You have to see it to believe it. But…as with so much in life, you have to be in it to win it. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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