Duchy Arms Wed, May 01 2019 20:00

I'm quizzing with my full capabilities, And now I'm living in public house facilities

Charles C

Needless to say my dulcet, white, middle-class tones reading the NWA lyrics in last night’s quiz did nothing but damage my dignity and shatter my integrity. Still, it was all good fun and besides which I'm dropping knowledge, my quizzing is hereditary, but my technique is very necessary. And I wonder if Dr Dre (now aged 54) might feel awkward spitting the bars to ‘Express Yourself’ now that he’s a multi-millionaire establishment figure. But, what do I know? I’ve not met him and I’m ‘straight outta Kennington’, not Compton.

Anyway, in a quiz that saw five teams tied for first place in the first half, we DID learn Al Capone was locked up for tax evasion, the ‘B’ in USB stands for Bus, and Dr Seuss’ real name is Theodor Geisel. “(Not So) Civil Servants” won the Smarties, following a great showing on celebrity recognition, while “Climbing Down” earned the bottle of wine, demonstrating strong knowledge of American states. Just ahead of them, “Parr Is A Salmon In The Closet” were superb on tube stations, finishing half a point behind “The Unicorns”, who (perhaps?!) strategically moderated their wine consumption and deciphered the celebrity anagram excellently. “Charlie Bit My Finger” nearly fell to pieces over the tube stations in the second half but held it together to move on and identify an early photo of Peter Dinklage. “You’re A Quizzard Harry” was the only team to recognise the cartoon character Gwen (from ‘Ben 10’) so kudos to them. That put them equally for 3rd place with regular quiz heavyweights, “Fishermen’s Friends”, who knew the obscured photo of Dog the Bounty Hunter in an instant.

A tie-break for 1st place pitted “Fake Quiz! Sad” against “The Bargain Punters” in a question on the fastest swim of the English Channel, with “Fake Quiz! Sad!” being fractionally closer to the 6hr55min right answer, earning the win. Superb quizzing, as ever, by “The Bargain Punters” as they have been orbiting the top spot for a while. One of these weeks, glory WILL be theirs. “Parr Is A Salmon In The Closet” got the closest guess to the jackpot question on the world’s oldest ever dog (29yrs 5mths – that’s over 200 dog years!) AND vanquished the envelopes to secure £220 cash! What a prize! What a night! But you know it ain’t all about wealth as long as you make a note to…express yourself. Come on and do it. Join us next week for more of the same. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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Fake Quiz! Sad!
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You're a Quizzard Harry!
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Charlie Bit My Finger
The Unicorns
Parr is a salmon in the closet
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