Duchy Arms Wed, Jun 26 2019 20:00

"I think you'll find Chernobyl is pronounced 'Share-nobel'"

Charles C

High jackpot. High expectation. High intensity. High drama. Certainly living the high life at The Duchy Arms last night as 10 teams fought to be crowned quiz winner, take the glory and earn the £40 bar tab. Along the way, we learnt that: Ethiopia has the most Olympic gold medals for the marathon; John Wayne had nearly 250 leading roles in Hollywood films; and that it was Moses who received the Ten Commandments.

Delivering an excellent quiz, particularly on David Bowie music videos, and particularly when considering they were a team of two, "A Team" won the consolation Smarties and my highest-points-per-quizzer accolade. Just ahead of them, with a strategy beyond cunning, "One Of Us Won £4,500 On Pointless" won the bottle of wine. Having ummed and aahed about whether to play for the Smarties or the wine, 83.3% of the team were delighted to have stuck with going for the wine, including getting 3-from-3 for the George Ezra lyrics question.

Just half a point beyond them, with an excellent breadth of knowledge, especially on nursery rhymes and the singer, Drake, "5 Room Black" had done just too much to get the wine. So too had "Aiming For The Bottle Of Wine", whose strategy got out of hand and getting two on the Hoover Dam states question pushed them beyond the holy grape juice.

On the subject, of grape juice, "Making Buses Out Of Wine Crates", who were superb on tube stations, secured a solid mid-table position in this densely packed roster. Just ahead of them, "Sorry Siobhan" wowed everyone by recognising the movie poster for 'Unbroken', which edged them into the top half of the table.

Just missing out on a podium position, Fishermen's Friends had ANOTHER painfully close quiz but still demonstrated enviable handling of the Natalie Portman anagram and knowledge of the Japanese city of Sapporo's location. Only one point more, taking bronze, "Charlie's Not Wearing Any Pants", who did well to know that Bjorn Borg used to be known as 'The Iceman' and to know about my underwear situation. In second place, one point ahead of 3rd, "Fake Quiz! Sad!" proved themselves the dependable quizzers we have come to know and respect, eventually getting to the answer about why Old Mother Hubbard had gone to the cupboard.

In first place, winning what has long been known (i.e. I just made it up) as The Double Duchy, "The Rookies" won the main quiz (by one point) and the cash jackpot as well... In. The. Same. Night. It was unreal. Such a close finish but they powered through for victory. Well done.

Jackpot returns next week. Already £50 up for grabs. Come and win it. Someone's got to. Would love to see you there. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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