Duchy Arms Wed, Apr 24 2019 20:00

Quizzers like you should wear a warning. It's dangerous. I'm falling

Charles C

During an exciting evening's quizzing, we learnt Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, Kim Kardashian is nearly a lawyer and a double bass has four strings. Along the way, "Quiztinction" displayed superb Madonna music video knowledge but just missed the bottle of wine. "Who Let The Big Red Dogs In?" (captained by the inimitable Clifford) did get the vino, impressing the room with their footwear logo expertise. Just one point ahead of them, both getting 3-out-of-3 on the tube station question, came "Salade" and (Clifford's arch-nemeses) "Ovleheads", both also correctly identifying the flag of Laos. On the podium, "I'm Not American" (a name referencing a grudge from a previous quiz...oops!) were one point off the top spot. Earning kudos for knowing that Charlie Sheen's veins are filled with tiger blood (#winning). Earning a place in the gold-medal tiebreaker, "Fishermen's Friends" and "The Magic Sword: A Quiz For Camelot" went head-to-head with a guess on the world record for the number of small pencils a man can fit in his beard, with TMSAQFC's guess closest to the correct answer of 117. The £40 bar tab became theirs, only adding to the glory of them getting the Britney Spears - Toxic lyrics question completely right. 2003 - what a year.

"I'm Not American" won through to the jackpot envelopes but the £185 eluded them at the final hurdle. £220 to be won next week, together with more spontaneous prizes resulting from my office clear-out. What will the prizes be? Nobody knows. Come and find out! Too high, Can't come down. Losin' my head, Spinnin' 'round and 'round. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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