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Such controversy from one little moustache - thanks, Charlie Chaplin!!

Charles C

A closely run first half, a closely run second half and a jackpot win! What a thriller of a quiz. Along the way, we learnt 'Davies' is the most common UK surname to start with a 'D'; 'Casino Royale' was the first James Bond book; and, Area 51 is located in Nevada.

At the end, “Don’t Tell Amy” won the Smarties, having been excellent on celebrity identification. Just ahead of them, “Lucy & Polly” won the bottle of wine (and my points-per-person prize – great score for just two people), having shown us superb Ed Sheeran music video recognition. “The Canadian Incursion” – who knew my poor description of the film, Dirty Dancing, in an instant – and “No Parr” – who did well to identify Malawi’s flag – finished level. Just ahead of them, having been robbed of victory last week, “Fishermen’s Friends”, returned to deliver a superb score, including 3-out-of-3 on the tube stations but just missed out on a podium place.

The third highest score belonged to “You’ll Never Walk Malone” and “Vote Lib Dem”, who both knew where the Galapagos Islands were and that the first Harry Potter film was released in 2001. An excellent range of expertise. Just one point off the top spot, “Bran For The Throne” and “Uncle Ian” were outstanding. In the post-quiz analysis, the former remained adamant you could use an angle-grinder to carry out the skin treatment known as ‘microdermabrasion’ (I don’t think I’d want to see that!) but were grounded enough to know where the Sea of Tranquillity is (on the Moon). The latter were also right to feel hard done by having quizzed superbly, even being the only team to get full marks on the Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication lyrics question.

In the end, the £40 bar tab went to “Otrivia Coleman”, who had been solid throughout and were one of a handful of teams to know that Charlie Chaplin’s facial hairstyle was called a ‘toothbrush moustache’. Beyond that, the jackpot restarted this week, with £78 at stake. “Don’t Tell Amy” came up trumps, with the closest guess to my question about the median house price in the UK (£226k!). Out of the seven envelopes on offer, the power trio managed to choose the winning one, dancing out of the pub with a spring in their step and the cash in their pockets. Wonderful stuff. Lots more fun to be had, same time, same place, next week. Come and join. No moustache necessary. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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Otrivia Coleman
Bran For The Throne
Uncle Ian
You'll Never Walk Malone
Vote Lib Dem
Fishermen's Friends
No Parr
The Canadian Incursion
Lucy & Polly
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