Duchy Arms Wed, Apr 17 2019 20:00

That's right - a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet. You're welcome

Charles C

Peep Show; Dame Judi Dench; Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa; and red telephone boxes all formed part of the trivia extravaganza at last night's quiz. Putting in a solid performance (not least knowing that 'nyctophobia' is fear of the dark), "Kelly's Heroes" just missed out on the bottle of wine. In the end, having forgotten to write down some of their right answers in the first half, "Awkward Double Date" got the vino but not before demonstrating remarkable anagram-deciphering capabilities. With superb film knowledge, "I Hope I Don't Get Arrested Tonight!" won bronze - a packet of Skittles.

Following a team rebrand, "Turn Charlie Up, Commentary Down" delivered a particularly excellent second half of the quiz (three out of three on the tube stations is impossible to argue with) but just missed out on the top spot. Earning the £40 bar tab, “You’ll Never Walk Malone” had a great quiz, and despite their bottom-up analysis of football team suffixes not paying the dividends it deserved (‘city’ is the most common ending of football team names, not ‘united’), impressive song lyric and celebrity identification saw them through for the win. Even with teams producing close guesses to the jackpot question (how long is the minute hand of the Big Ben tower clock – 414cm, if you’re wondering), the money went un-won. £185 at stake next week. See you there. #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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