Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Mar 13 2019 20:00

Cead Mile Failte Quizzers!

Chris R

It was a clash of the Titans this week, with recent regular winners 'You're a Quizard, O'Trivia Newton John' back once more to reclaim their crown against the return of the 'Shaymen' who've won more than they've lost at this quiz.
There was some stiff competition from 'Crouching woman, hidden cucumber', but their numbers proved their undoing as they have docked two points at the close. Welcome to first-timers 'Quizical' and 'Quiz up, look sharp!', both of whom bagged a free drink, while 'Binge Thinkers' claimed the wine of shame with 24 points in second to last place.
But the winners on the night, proving experience tops all, were the 'Shaymen', who won the £25 gift card for the bar, well done and welcome back!
The rollover jackpot was again £200, despite being won last week, but we're back up to ten envelopes, so it was a tough draw. Last place Henry's JCBs were the lucky guessers and got to draw, but with the odds at 10/1, they were unlucky and we return next week with 9 envelopes. Happy St.Patrick's Day on Sunday, and see you all next week!

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You're a Quizzard Otrivia Newton John
Crouching woman, hidden cucumber.
Quiz up, look sharp!
Jacob's Crackers
The Baha Women
Binge Thinkers
Henry's JCB