The Rectory Thu, Jun 27 2019 19:30

A night of 'Friend'ly Competition!!

Paige W

A cracker of a night tonight at the Rectory! We had some real Friends enthusiasts in our midsts, and it was great to have such knowledgable friends playing tonight! 'The Triviani's' were ready and raring to go, and their love of the show was undefeated, as they took home the prize with an amazing 43 points! Could they BE bigger fans of the show? 'We're S**t And We Know it' weren't all as bad as they thought, and they were elated with their 2nd to last prize of a bottle of wine. Next time, we're calling all 'Only Fools and Horses' fans to the fore, as we'll be quizzing around that classic next time. See you all there!

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