The Rectory Tue, Jul 16 2019 20:00

"Braybraniacs" Live Up to Their Name!

Paige W

Tonight was all about the ties at The Rectory, as we had our three teams all on 13 points as we closed the first round. It was the second round though that really tested our teams' mettle, and separated the "Braybraniacs' from the pack, winning with an impressive 32 points! That left our two remaining teams with 29 points a piece, and a tough tie breaker saw '4th Place' walk away with their well deserved bottle of wine. "That Double EE" wasn't left out in the cold though, as they were up to play for our jackpot. The cards were in an extremely unpredictable order however, meaning our jackpot stays safely in our vault for another week! Join us next Tuesday if you think you have the quizzing skills of a champion!

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