Walmer Castle Sun, Jul 07 2019 19:30

£150 cash jackpot next week

Daniel C

Team my milkshake returned to the quiz after a short hiatus in style, they were slightly behind at the half but a strong second half saw them take top spot by a single point to walkway with a £50 bar tab. Don Quizote and Shanelles Sangas, last weeks £300 jackpot winners, both scored the same to finish second to last so we needed a tie breaker to see who got our bottle of wine with Don Quizote just edging that one. Shanelles sangas did get our jackpot closest too for a chance to win his weeks £100 jackpot for a second week in a row, they smashed past the first three cards but then opted to go higher than a six to sadly be show a three, but of course there is always good news so next week the jackpot will increase to £150 in cash

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