Walmer Castle Sun, Jun 16 2019 19:30

All tied at the half

Daniel C

It was shaping up to be an interesting one tonight with all but 1 team tied at the half on 17 but it was team Am I In The Right Place For The British Citizenship Test who held their nerve to score 44 points at the end to walk away with our £50 bar tab while team Espicy Chicas finishing second to last on 35 to walk away with a bottle of wine. Second place Quizzical Archie got our closest to spot on to enter our play your cards right Jackpot round for a chance to win £200 in cash, right at the start they got an ace and chose to go higher but were disappointed to be shown another ace to loose right at the start, however, with no winner tonight we will not only add £50 to the jackpot but we will also take 1 card away to make it easier to win!

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