Walmer Castle Sun, Jul 14 2019 19:30

Epic battle for bottle of wine

Daniel C

We had an intense end to the quiz with 3 teams tied for the second to last bottle of wine, it was a close call but team even feet of pr”#k getting closest to walk away with a bottle of wine. Returning team Boris my Johnson took the top spot with 34 points to win another bar tab to add to their collection. Our jackpot tonight was £150 in cash and first-time player Quizteama Aguleria were the ones to enter that one, they were unfortunate to get the 7 close to the start and after choosing to go higher they were drawn a 4. But with no winner tonight we will be taking the jackpot up to £200 and also taking 1 card away to make it easier to win!

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Boris my Johnson and I’ll Gordon your brown
Quizteama aguleria
Let’s Get Quizzical
Eleven feet of prick
Were here so we’re not watching love island